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    Default Indians Vs. Americans

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    An Indian is calmly having his breakfast when an American, typically chewing gum, sits down beside him. The Indian ignores the American who begins to chat:

    The American: Do you eat that bread-entirely?
    The Indian: Of course!
    The American: We do not. We only eat the inner part; the crust is put in a container, later processed, transformed into flour and then sold to India.

    The Indian says nothing.

    The American continues: Do you eat this jelly with the bread?
    The Indian repeats: Of course.
    The American: We do not. We eat our fresh fruits for breakfast; we keep all
    the peels and seeds in containers. Later we process it, and
    transform it into jelly and then we sell it to India.

    The Indian asks: And what do you do with the condoms after you use them?
    American: We throw them away, of course!

    Indian: We do not..! We keep them in containers, process them, transform them into chewing gum and then sell it to The United States!

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