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    Teacher: Why did Mohammed Ghouri attack India multiple times?
    Student: Because everytime he attacked he wasn't got killed and hence he attacked again and again.

    Teacher: Why is Taj Mahal considered as a wonder of the world?
    Student: Because Shahjahan built it without taking any loan from World Bank.

    Teacher: During British rule, what changes did Warren Hastings made in the adminstration?
    Student: Whatever he liked, he made!

    Teacher: From when to when did Razia Sultan ruled?
    Student: From the time she sat on throne to the time she got up from it.

    Teacher: How did Aurganzeb sit on the throne?
    Student: He used to go toward throne facing it, then took U-turn and sat on the throne.

    Teacher: What was found during excavation in Mohanjodaro and Harappa?
    Student: One more chapter for the students of History.
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