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    Default An Old Man at the Doctors

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    A 60 yr old man goes to visit his doctor for a regular checkup.

    Oldman: "DOC, you are not going to believe how good I have been feeling lately, I have a new wife and she is only 20 yrs old, and pregnant with my child!, life sure is taking a change for the better"

    Doctor: " O really now?

    Oldman: "Yea what do you think about that!?"

    Doctor: "Let me tell you a quick story of a man I used to know, and you will then know my opinion."

    Oldman: "ok"

    Doctor: "I used to know a man like you, and one day he went out hunting. He got to his favorite hunting spot, and noticed that he had forgotten his gun. Right about that time a prime beaver walked into the clearing. The man knew he didnít have his gun, but decided to try something else. The man pointed his finger and said "BANG", just as he said that, a shot rang out through the woods and the beaver fell over dead. What do you think of that?"

    Oldman: "Well honestly I think someone else pumped a couple of stray rounds into that beaver."

    Doctor:" My point exactly"

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