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    A desi family received the coffin of their dead father from the UK with a letter on top: "I am sending abba's body with the gifts you asked for.

    Under abba's body there are 12 packs of chocolate, 10 packs of gum & 8 packs of badaam. Abba is wearing a pair of Reebok shoes for Osama and a baseball hat for Chachoo. There are 2 handbags for Zubaida and Zarina in each arm. Abba is wearing 6 shirts and socks for the kids and has the red necklace around his neck for Bina Bhabi. Minna's ring is on the left hand and Sajid and Azeem bhai's watches on each arm. Now if there is anything missing please let me know because Amma is also very sick!!!

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