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    Paddy Power - World's Biggest Advertising Sign

    The 50 feet high sign, which also stretches 270 feet wide, has been constructed on Cleeve Hill overlooking Cheltenham Racecourse.

    The Paddy Power advert, costing tens of thousands of pounds, eclipses the previous world record holder which stood at 160ft wide and even dwarfs the Hollywood sign in Los Angeles.

    It stands taller than three double-decker London buses stacked on top of each other.The record breaker took three years to design and took a 60 man crew over 1000 hours to build.

    PrestigeHD Supreme - World's Most Expensive Television set

    British designer Stuart Hughes, 38, will only make a total of three PrestigeHD Supreme Rose televisions from 28kg of solid 18-carat rose gold.

    Each set will have a 55-inch screen and an outer frame adorned with 72 round cut one-carat flawless diamonds.

    Hundreds of tiny sunstones and amethysts are mixed into the gold frame, while inner frame will be made from hand-sewn alligator skin.Mr Hughes, who creates dozens of electronic items and gadgets in his workshop in Liverpool, started work on his first TV prototype after months of design preparation.

    Largest Bowl of Spaghetti

    With a bowl measuring 15' in diameter by 3.5' high filled with 13,786-pounds of freshly made spaghetti, Italian eatery Buca di Beppo successfully created the all-time largest bowl of spaghetti in the world this weekend at its restaurant located in Anaheim, CA.

    The enormous bowl was filled via a "bucket brigade" made up entirely of Buca employees, filling the massive bowl positioned by the restaurant's main entrance. Six chefs supervised the food preparation and production of the enormous spaghetti bowl that also included more than 100 gallons of marinara sauce.

    World Largest Meatball

    At 254 pounds, the potential record-setting meatball is 32.5 pounds heavier than the current record-holder, set last year by Nonni’s Italian Eatery. Organizers had started out with 400 pounds of meat and additives, and were aiming for a 350-pound meatball.

    World’s Longest Beard

    Bhai Sarwan Singh has broken his own Guinness World Record for having the world’s longest beard, which now measures just under eight feet long.

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