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    A man worked hard all day digging the garden and felt very stiff and sore.

    His wife fluttered about him, pleased with the amount of work he had done and anxious to get him to do some more.

    "Have a nice soak in the bath and I'll bring you a drink," she suggested smiling.

    "Good idea," says the husband looking forward to being waited on.

    He's in the bath when she comes in with a nice glass of Scotch which he accepts happily.

    "If there's anything else you'd like just call," says the wife as she leaves the bathroom.

    When she got halfway along the landing the husband relaxes completely and lets off an enormous long fart in the bath.

    A few minutes later, despite it being a very warm Summer's evening, the wife comes in with a fluffy bed warmer

    "What the heck is that for?" asks the husband snappily.

    "Oh Darling," says the wife, flustered, "I thought I heard you say, "Whataboutahottawaterbottle."

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