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    Default The atractive under graduate joke

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    One day, a very attractive under graduate visited the professor's
    office. The under graduate pulled the chair closer to the professor,
    smiled at him shyly, bumped his knee "accidentally", etc.

    Finally, the undergraduate said, "Professor, I really need to pass
    your course. It is extremely important to me. It is so important that
    I'll do anything you suggest."

    The professor, somewhat taken aback by this attention, replied, "Anything?"

    To which the undergradute cooed, "Yes, anything you say."

    After some brief reflection, the professor asked, "What are you doing
    tomorrow afternoon at 3:30?"

    The student lied, "Oh, nothing at all, sir. I can be free then."

    The professor then advised, "Excellent! Professor Palmer is holding a
    help session for his students. Why don't you attend that."
    ...being a human...



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