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    Thumbs up Jaane Pehchaane Se Ye Ajnabbi written update for 28th Dec 2009

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    [DOWN]In Chauksi's Kohli, Nihaal is looking out the window when Ayeesha asks wat he is thinking about. He asks how she is going to tolerate Khadoos Aunty (Mrs. Chauksi). A scolds him for calling the lady Khadoos He wonders how they will live there. A gets upset and says she is being selfish. She clarifies that the reason they left the mansion becoz they wanted to keep Nihaal and thinks she n Divya are bad. But, now realizes that it was selfish of her to do so... but was not thinking about Nihaal and all the difficulties he is encountering becoz of her. She feels she maybe playing wit Nihaal's future. She explains that Nihaal does not have to live this life with her - he can go back n have toys, a good school, and everything with his Daadi n Chaachu. Nihaal reassures her that he only wants Maasi and if she ever says something like tis again then they will be khaati. They Hug. Ayeesha promises that she will never let anything seperate her from Nihaal. Nihaal reminds her that his mom used to tell them to confront their problems together. Ayeesha agrees that's wat they need to do - confront the problem together.She says she will interview, find another job and they will leave to a place of their own.

    Part 2 - Trial by Water
    The next morning, A gives Chauksidada his tiffen while his wife n BIL are still sleeping. Chauksidada feels bad n apologizes that she is having to do all this work. A tells him its okay n he can't call her a "beti" then say sorry. Chauksi leaves and we see Nihaal is playing with some action figures on a table. A tells Nihaal to quickly drink milk becoz she has three interviews to go to. Khadooos Aunty overhears this and tells Ayeesha that she can't go without finishing all the housework. Ayeesha says she has finished it She made lunch for Chauksi n breakfast for everyone. Khadoos Aunty isn't done - she demands A get buckets of water though there is a line and A will be late if she goes to get water. On top, her duffer bro wakes up n does nautanki that his leg hurts. He demands Nihaal massage his legs but, A stands up for Nihaal. She is adamant that Nihaal won't do any work - she will do work but not Nihaal. She takes Nihaal with her to get water. The Bro-Sis jodi r not happy to have water thrown on their nautanki and Khaadoos Aunty decides she is giong to ensure A doesn't make her interviews.

    At the water pump, A is worried about the long line. Khadoos Aunty gives her two more buckets to fill though Ayeesha says she can't fill more then two buckets at a time n will have to come back n line up a second time. Khadoos Aunty ignores her plea n demands she fill all four buckets.

    Part 3 - Toys Traded for Trolley

    Nihaal thinks how maasi is going to manage all this. He prays to God for help and we see a mandir behind them. Nihaal gets an idea and says he will be back in a minute. Ayeesha fills two buckets of water and thinks to leave n comeback. But, just then Nihaal returns with a trolley that other kids in the chawal were playing with. He tells Ayeesha that they let him borrow it, but A figures out that he traded his toys for the trolley. A is sad but Nihaal says u can buy me new toys when u get a job. They place all four buckets on the trolley.

    Part 4- The Law Road is the Low Road
    At the mansion, Veer scolds a junior lawyer because the custody papers for Nihaal are not ready as yet. Nadini comes along and says they have to bring back Nihaal fast for their mom. The junior lawyer suggests they should lay 'kidnapping' charges against Ayeesha, but Nadini vetoes the idea saying the family owes Ayeesha for taking care of Nihaal - that Nihaal is who he now is becoz of A. Veer agrees with Nadini and he refuses to stoop to Ayeesha's level. But, he is determined to find Nihaal and place so many obstacles infront of A that she will have to come him whether she wants to or not.

    Precap- Nihaal Haraan
    Chauksi's BIL steals a picture of Nihaal's and tortures him wit it. Jeeju finds BIL will wit Nihaal and pays him of to kidnap Nihaal. Jeeju is confident that A will blame Veer and vice versa.

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