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    Thumbs up Jaane Pehchaane Se Ye Ajnaabi written update for 4th Jan 2010

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    [DOWN]Part 1

    At the hotel, Chauksi sobbingly fills in Pammi and Sridhar about how & why he had to givi in to Malkin's demands that he kick out NiSha. Pammi n Sridhar try to reassure him. Sridhar feels bad that Veer sir has brought custody case and he didn't even know. Pammi says she has some money but not enough for rent n a lawyer. As Pammi is praying, Veer's secretary (Mrs. Dixit), offers to help them. The foursome together decide to help Ayeesha and begin to find her an apartment.

    Veer, Nandini, and Dhinchak Daadi go to her lawyer friend, Mrinali. Mrinali appears very confident. She tells them its an easy case ? all she has to do is show Ayeesha is not capable of raising Nihaal and she has never lost a case.

    NiSha is in their new apartment thanks to Pammi and Co. Ayeesha tries to thank Pammi but, Pammi says no thanks is necessary. Pammi wonders if A has told Nihaal about the custody case ? Ayeesha says she hasn't because she doesn't want Nihaal to lose his smile. A says that she is going to prep for the case while Nihaal goes to school starting tomorrow.

    Avinash plots to trap Ayeesha and make her the villain. Kamini, Veer, and Nandini come home with gifts for Nihaal. Jeeju is jealous. The family at Kamini's insistence decides to transform Jai's room into Nihaal's room. Veer is happy to see his mom so happy. Kamini tells him that Nihaal is the reason she is so happy.

    We learn from Veer's secretary that he is secretly helping NiSha through her. In his office he thinks to himself that he is doing this for Nihaal becoz he didn't want Nihaal to suffer. He then admits that he is also helping them becoz he does not like to see Ayeesha in such difficult conditions.


    The lawyer Ayeesha goes to see tells her that she should take some money and go for an out-of-court settlement with the Vardhaan's as Mrinalini is unbeatable. Later a teary-eyed Ayeesha prays for devine intervention at a roadside mandir. An off-camera voice tells her he wants to fight her case.



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