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    Default What do we need to understand islam properly?

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    To understand islam properly, we need to understand the quran properly.

    To understand the quran properly we depend first and foremost on commonly accepted rules of wisdom known as laws of nature and rules of judgement.

    We also need to know that grammatical rules are very important but they are subordinate to language ie languages were already in use before people thought of writing grammar books to explain them. So where there is any contradiction between rules of grammar and use of language, the use of language should be taken as correct and rules of grammar must be taken as having exceptions.

    Knowing arabic will be found very helpful as well as knowing vocabulary in the sense that a word may have so many different meanings or so many words can be used to express the very same sense. It is because people take words for meaning with which they are very familiar that causes problems because any other meanings taken by some one else seems to surprise them.

    It is also very important to realise that the style of the quranic text is interactive ie it tries to engage the reader in trying to determine the sense of what is being said and why by way of missing connecting words. This is obvious from any translation of the quran wherein people put certain words in brackets. This is not a fault in the quranic text but is deliberate for making it interactive so that a reader does not read it as a passive reading like reading of a story from a story book. By reader having to fill in gaps one becomes more alert and thoughtful by trying to work out how the read text may make better sense.

    The quran has an overall context and a surah context and a verse context. So knowing overall context is important because that helps interpret the quran properly. The overall context of the quran is told in the very first surah AL-FAATIHA= the divine proclamation.

    The quran is a book that is divine advice for mankind in sense of goals and guidelines ie people are supposed to achieve divine goals within limits of divine guidelines.

    Finally the quran must not be translated or interpreted in a way that it makes no sense or it causes contradictions within it or between the quran and the realities of real world.

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