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    Arrow What is prayer (salaat) ??

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    The Prayer is:
    The coolness of the eyes of the Beloved Prophet Muhammad
    A pillar of religion
    The key to paradise
    The spiritual ascent of the faithful believer
    The greater Jihad (holy war)
    A sign of faith
    Light of the heart
    The radiance of the face
    The nourishment of the soul
    The Prayer is:
    A cause of blessings in the house
    A cause of abundance in provision
    Cure for ailments of the body and soul
    A light in the gloom of the grave
    A canopy in the hot sun on the Day of Resurrection
    The Prayer is:
    An entertainer of the heart amidst the fear of the grave
    A swift carrier across the thin bridge on the Day of Resurrection
    A means of attaining forgiveness from sins
    A barrier between hell and the offerer of Prayers
    A repeller of the devil
    A bestower of Allah's proximity and His favour
    After proper acceptance of faith and its inherent beliefs, i.e. the recitation of the Pure Words (Kalemah Tayyebah), the most important duty is that of offering the Prayer.
    The Beloved Prophet (Salla Allahu ta'ala 'alayhi wa Sallam) has stated: "The first duty that Allah, the Supreme, has ordained upon my nation is that of offering Prayer, and indeed Prayer is the first thing that will be taken account of on the Day of Resurrection." It is also reported in the Hadith that, "Whoever keeps the Prayer established, has kept his religion established - and whoever leaves Prayer has demolished religion".
    It is reported by Sayyadina Abu Hurairah (may Allah be well pleased with him) that the Beloved Prophet (Salla Allahu ta'ala 'alayhi wa Sallam) said: ďAllah the Supreme states, 'O the son of Adam !! Free yourself for My worship, I shall fill your heart with content - and if you do not do so, I shall make you busy in several affairs but not remove your poverty.' " (Mishkaat ul Masabeeh, Ibn Majah)
    "Be content with five things before (the advent of) the other five: Youth before old age, good health before sickness, prosperity before poverty, spare time before indulgence in affairs, and life before death." (Hadith reported in Tirmidhi)
    Regrettably, the Muslims of this age have forgotten Prayer. Most people simply do not have the time for it, whereas some people do offer their Prayers but do not know the proper way of offering it. It is imperative to learn the correct way of offering the Prayer, and to offer all the 5 Obligatory Prayers with the congregation.




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