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    Default History of Israel and Coming of Anti-Christ

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    Why Muslims as well as many Jews and Christians, who can see through the strange events happening in the World, can tell why the Jewish King would be the Anti-Christ. Many brothers and sisters know that State of Israel once becoming strong in the World would have its leader or king who would be Anti-Christ. Many exactly don't know why Islamic Scholarship believes that King of Israel would be Anti-Christ. Is it just because of the Hate of Jews, why they say or they say because Palestinians are killed by Israelis ruthlessly ? Just because European Governments support Israel ? Why would this Evil Being, will Specifically come to be the King of Jews and then Rule the world. Whats the real reason? For that i had posted something on the New World Order section under the heading "New Middle East Map and Al Masih Al Dajjal" and explained a little bit history of the Jews in order for us to understand why Islamic Scholarship, that understands today's world thoroughly, believes that Anti-Christ will become the King of Jews or The False Messiah would become the king of the Jews and Rule The World From Jerusalem.This is just to explain, of how many significant events in the History of Israel are leading towards the time when Jews will be ruled by Dajjal or False Messiah. I thought it would also be better to post it on the History Forum because it belong here.

    Rabbi Yissachar Dov Rokeach, Grand Rabbi (Rebbe) of Belz

    Rabbi Yissachar Dov of Belz once said:

    " There could be, before the arrival of Mashiach, that the Satan should succeed, and the evildoers should get a State in the Land of Israel. Their state would be a big danger for every Jew in material and spiritual matters."

    History of Israel and Coming of Anti-Christ

    Allah (swt) says in the Quran Surah Al-Jathiya (Chapter 45) Verse # 16

    "And indeed We gave the Children of Israel the Scripture, and the understanding of the Scripture and its laws, and the Prophethood, and provided them with good things and preferred them above the other people (of their time)."

    The best period of the Children of Israel or their Golden Period was when they were ruled by their King Solomon, who is also known as Hazrat Suleiman (a.s), in Islam. He was given powers by Allah (swt), such as never given to any prophet or messenger before him or after him. He ruled the skies, he ruled even over the Invisible Beings or Jinns as we say. Even animals like tigers and lions and cheetas were part of his army. He had enormous powers given to him by Allah (swt) and he used them to establish the State according to the Laws of Allah (swt) and ruled it with full Justice from Jerusalem, from the River Nile to River Euphrates. It was also during the reign of Solomon that when The Temple was 1st built. That Era of The Children of Israel is known as the "Goldren Era"(1022-922 BC). They have been waiting for it to come back, as they had been promised by many prophets who came throughout their History. However, the reason why their decline came was because they had deviated from the teachings of Allah (swt) throughout their History, is the reason why Allah sent other forces to conquer and destroy them. However Allah did give them many chances to repent, but most of the time they disobeyed. After Hazrat Suleiman (a.s) passed away, the Kingdom became divided and Israelis deviated from the path of Allah (swt).

    After the death of Solomon came the decline period of the Children of Israelis. The Kingdom was divided in to 2 States. The Northern Kingdom was known as the Kingdom of Israel, while the Southern was known as Kingdom of Judah. Both kingdoms fought amongst each other and had internal strife's as well. During the Rule of King Ahab paganism influenced the society a lot because he married Phoenician Princess named Jezbel who made him built a temple for the Idol named Baal. Two Prophets named Elisha or Al-Yasa (a.s) and Elijah or Ilyas (a.s) appeared from amongst them and tried their best to guide them, but they would not abandon their evil ways. So Allah's punishment came and in 721 BC Assyrian armies, under king Sargon, attacked and plundered Samaria, killing thousands of the inhabitants.According to an Assyrian inscription, King Sargon carried away 27,290 Israelites into captivity, and scattered them in his eastern provinces, terminating the existence of the northern kingdom as an independent nation. In many traditions, they are also known as the 10 lost tribes. In the Southern Kingdom Prophets named Isaiah and Prophet Jeremiah or Armiya (a.s) appeared and tried guiding them for many years, as they too had become very corrupt. They were opposed as well. So in 586 BC, an army under king Nebuchadnezzar II (Bakht Nasr in Arabic), seized Jerusalem. When they captured the kingdom of Judah, which in the History is quoted as 1st Temple, because they destroyed Temple of Solomon or Bayt Al Maqdis, they then took all the remaining Children of Israel from the Kingdom of Judah in to captivity, and brought them to Babylonian Kingdom (present day Iraq). The children of Israel did not stop receiving Prophets and Revelations from Allah (swt), which are compiled in the Bible Book (also known as Torah). They had previously received Revelations through Prophet Hazrat Sh'iya bin Amsiya (A.S), who is known as Isaiah in the Torah. He warned them to mend their ways and repent to Allah (swt) and purify their lands from all kinds of innovations made in the Religion of God. He promised them God's blessing and Mercy if they would listen. However, they did not listen and so the wrath of God came in the face of the Babylonian Forces. He had also prophesied in their books of the coming of the Messiah, who would rule the world and restore the Kingdom of Israel, just as it was when King Daud (A.S) and King Suleiman (A.S) ruled.

    "He will be descended from King David (Isaiah 11:1) via Solomon (1 Chronicles 22:8-10, 2 Chronicles 7:18)" also.....

    "Once he is King, leaders of other nations will look to him for guidance. (Isaiah 2:4)".

    These and many more can be viewed at Jewish messianism - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

    These prophecies had given the Children of Israel a hope, when they were under the control of Nebuchadnezzar in Babylon. This made them happy because they were captured in Babylon and given good news, through another Prophet named Hazrat Hizqil (A.S) or Ezekiel in the Bible, who was also one of the captives going to Babylon. He told that Messiah would restore for them the Kingdom and they would Once again rule the world! Ezekiel gave them the good news that as God had decreed for them to become scattered, God would gather them back to their homeland.

    I shall take you from among the
    nations and gather you from every land, and bring you to your
    homeland. (Ezekiel 36:22,24-28)

    Hazrat Daniyal (A.S) or Daniel was also sent among them, during their capture and he Prophesied that soon they would be saved by a Savior, who would capture Babylonian Kingdom and release them and send them back to Israel,(Book of Daniel 8:1-4). This person who would release them from their capture, was Cyrus The Great, the Persian Emperor (Also known as Zulqarnain in the Quran, proven by Many scholars of Islam). Persian Empire rose around the end of 539 BC and they captured Babylon. They let the Children of Israel go back and built their temple, which was destroyed by Babylonians. Now since they had returned back to their homeland, they were excited! They were excited because they had been given the good news of a Messiah, who would bring back the Era of Solomon. They rebuilt their temple and now there was always this hope of the future Messiah who would bring back the Age of Glory. During the age of Herod (44 BC) The Great, who was allowed to rule over Jews by the Roman Authority, the reconstruction of The 2nd Temple took place. He built it in to a magnificent structure. He showed his loyalty to Judaism as well as promoted Roman culture, to keep the higher authorities happy, just as how Muslim rulers accept the decisions of USA and Europe to maintain leadership over the Muslims.

    It was during those years, specially after the death of King Herod, that many were expecting the arrival of The Messiah. Why ? Because during those years there was this puppet establishment working under Roman Kings, who were not true to Judaism, as well as the Jews were divided in to many sects. For example, The Sadduccees, who were the ruling class of Jews maintaining ties to Romans. The Pharisees, who were middle class, however some what religious and some what not. Zealots, who revolted and were fighting guerrilla warfare against the Puppet Jewish authority, they were very zealous and couple of others. There was much chaos and no hope of change. Change was needed bad. A Miracle was needed to change things in the Holy Land. So the Quran tells us in Chapter 3rd (House of Imran), Surah Imran Verse # 35......

    When a woman of (The House of) Imran prayed "O My Sustainer! Behold , I have vowed to You what is in my womb, dedicated for Your services. Accept it then from me. Verily You are the All-Hearer, the All Knowing."

    Allah (swt) accepted her prayer and then granted to her a female child, whom she name Mary (a.s). However she was expecting a male child because the Quran says in the Next Verse # 36....

    ......"O My Sustainer! Behold, I have given birth to a female"- the while God was fully aware of what she would give birth to, and (fully aware) that no male child (she might have hoped for) could ever have been like this female....

    Allah did accept her wish which was for a male child and miracle she was hoping for, so that the society could be changed by that male child who she expected to give birth to. That Miracle came in the form of Jesus or Isa (a.s), who was born without a father to Maryam (a.s) or Mary. He was the Messiah....But what did the Children of Israel do when he came. The Sadducees wanted to maintain their power, the Pharisees wouldn't listen at all and the Zealots were trying to change things in their own zealous way. Jesus son of Mary (a.s) was put on the cross and killed by the establishment, puppet regime. Allah's wrath descended on them again. In 66 CE there was a big Jewish revolt against the establishment and a Roman Army General named Titus came and destroyed Jerusalem and completely demolished the 2nd Temple.The loss of life among the Jews was incredibly high, as 133 thousand are reported to have been killed in Jerusalem alone. Thousands were made slaves, starved to death, or killed.
    Emperor Hadrian later built a new Roman colony, called Aelia Capitolina, over the desolate ruins of Jerusalem. However, the Jews were banished from their Holy City and were not allowed to re-enter for the next half a millennium. From here till the time of their return in 1940s, this period is also known as Jewish Diaspora.
    The Jews and The Christians kept thinking Jesus (a.s) had died on the cross until a Prophet named Muhammad (saw) appeared 600 yrs later in the Arabian Peninsula, on whom the Quran revealed the following Verses.....

    “That they said (in boast): We killed the Messiah, Jesus the son of Mary, the Messenger of Allah… ” for most certainly they did not kill him, but so it was made to appear to them... (Qur’an, al-Nisa, 4:157).

    The Jews living in Madina were given this Message of the Quran, but still would not believe in Prophet Muhammad (saw) as a final Messenger, who was also predicted in their Torah (Book of Deutronomy), whom they should expect and when He comes, they should obey.

    Moses said
    "The Lord Thy God will raise up unto thee a prophet from the midst of thee, of thy brethren, like unto me;unto him ye shall hearken." (Book of Deutronomy Chapter 18 Verse 15)

    God said
    "I will raise them up a prophet from among thy brethren, like unto thee, and will put My wordsin his mouth" (Deutronomy Chapter 18 Verse 18)

    The "brethren" of the Children of Israel are obviously the Arabs, and particularly the mustaribah (Arabianized) group among them, which traces descent to Ishmael and Abraham: and since it is to this group the Arabian Prophet Muhammad (saw) own tribe, Quraysh, belonged, the above Biblical Passages are referring to his advent.

    Holy Prophet Muhammad (saw) is known as "The Mercy of Al-Ameen (Mankind, Jinn and All that Exists), in the Quran. So they even shut the last door of mercy, on themselves by rejecting him. So Allah (swt) said in Quran in Surah Al-Baqara Verse # 42

    "And do not overlay the truth with falsehood, and do not knowingly suppress the truth.."

    They were hiding the fact that Prophet Muhammad (saw) was mentioned in their Torah. After all the Blessings and Mercy bestowed on them throughout their History, they have been Ungrateful to Allah (swt). After that they are preparing themselves for a final punishment of Allah (swt), which comes in the form of Anti-Christ who makes them believe that he is their "Promised Messiah", who would establish their rule over the World.

    The Jews say that Messiah Jesus was supposed to bring back the Golden Age and Rule the World, but he died on the Cross, so he could not have been the Messiah. He was not a Miracle of God either (May Allah protect us from saying such). The Jews even till today who keep thinking that Jesus died, are following the same Jews who think he "died". They do not expect his return. Just as how they were saved from Babylonian captivity and brought back to the Holy Land and were waiting for the Messiah, they have been once again brought back to the Holy Land from 1917 till 1948 by European Ruling Forces, and are once again waiting for THEIR MESSIAH. They think that their Prophecy in the Torah, about them coming back to the Holy Land and gaining power, so much that they would rule the world, is about to come True (Ezekiel 36:22,24-28). The only day that they will establish their rule in Middle East and take over the area which King Suleiman (A.S) had , from River Nile in Egypt to Euphrates River in Iraq, and would have an Israeli King who would claim to be the Messiah, then will they believe in the Biblical Prophecy being fulfilled! But that would be an illegal state of Israel. Since their own books claim that the Rule of the Messiah would be of justice, then how could there be justice in killing Palestinians and capturing their land and slaughtering and driving them out of their homes. He would not be the Real Masih but a False Masih, Al Masih Al Dajjal, as warned by our Prophet (saw). There are so many Jews around the world, including the Jews in Israel who are just concerned with the Biblical words, that their State of Israel being made, but are not concerned with killings of Palestinians and other Muslims. They are blind (seeing with only one eye)! So are the European Christians (Internally blind) who are helping the Jews establish their State, because they know that Land of Israel has to be "liberated" for their Messiah Jesus to come back and live in Human form. That is why the Zionist Jews following the Political Ideology of Zionism, have Christian Zionist helpers! There are Christians however, living in Muslim lands and Africa and even many in Europe, who don't agree with the same ideology. Its mostly European Leaders,The Vatican Church and their governments supporting Zionism! The So Called Messiah would claim truth, to Christian concepts of Trinity, Holy Spirit and Holy God. He would claim to be part of Holy Spirit and God and would finally say he is God, because he would perform many miracles (Magic)! Then Christians would obviously follow him as well. May Allah (swt) guide us All. Ameen!

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