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    Default Yesteryear's sensational journo in The Dirty Picture?

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    If all goes as planned, Vidya Balan may well have to face further ordeal in front of the camera for The Dirty Picture. Over and above the controversial subject and her new daring avatar as her initial challenges, there is more to come for Vidya. There is a strong buzz that the film will include a character based on a dreaded female journalist from the 70s and 80s who was known for stripping the stars with her acidic writing. Silk Smitha was one such personality under this journalist's scanner.

    "Actors from today's generation will not know much about the journalist called Devyani Chaubal who wasn't any star's favourite. She didn't believe in star worship and always wanted to bring their real face in public. So even as other glossies praised stars to the sky, she brought them down by bringing out such facets of their life, which were not just plain facts but also shocking", informs a source, "She was a real daring woman. Since the kind of characters Silk played and the films she did were wide open for scrutiny by one and all, it made her a smooth target for a full frontal attack."

    Folklore has it that Devyani didn't quite catch fancy of Silk Smitha either though over a period of time she softened up towards her. Later she even developed a cordial relationship with her. When Vidya was reportedly informed about this character, she wasn't hassled as she thought it would be a regular journalist-actor conversation that she would have to bring on screen. However, on being informed that it was Devyani's character, she was startled.

    "Vidya was shocked to know about things that she hadn't even heard of. She realized that this journalist was allegedly threatened by none other than Dharmendra when she made his marriage with Hema Malini public. Also, apparently the only star-actor with whom she shared much more than just a cordial relationship was Rajesh Khanna," says a well-known industry source.

    Now, Vidya is mighty excited to shoot these scenes though she is preparing herself to face an on-camera charge. The Dirty Picture, releasing on December 2, is indeed turning out to be one crazy experience for her!

    When contacted, director Milan Luthria did confirm the presence of a character in the film who plays a senior journalist. "Yes, there is a character of a slightly catty journalist who has an enigma about her. Though it isn't exactly based on any real life personality in particular, one of the biggest influences in that space was Devyani. In the film, this person takes on Vidya's character by ripping apart her reputation", he said.

    Though Milan refused to divulge the actor who would be enacting this role, there is a buzz though that author and columnist Shobhaa De is under consideration.



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