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    Default Tech trends in IT for 2010

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    Green Computing, greater adoption of virtualisation and redesigning of applications for Cloud Computing are some of the tech trends that will witness substantial uptake in 2010, according to leading IT services company Patni Computer Systems.

    Patni Executive vice President Satish Joshi in a Crystal ball grazing of the trends for the New Year said ''despite its obvious benefits in operational efficiency, footprint and power consumption reduction, largely virtualization has been utilised in the data centre infrastructure servers and storage''.

    ''In 2010, we anticipate greater adoption of virtualisation for desktops. Although the primary reason for slower adoption of desktop virtualisation is the complexity of its technology and its impact on end-user experience if not done properly, one cannot undermine the advantages it offers in terms of better management and cost efficiencies. There is considerable progress being made in enhancing user experience and reducing complexity for 'virtualising' desktops, thereby boosting its demand in the coming year,'' he added.

    He said Cloud Computing is certain to witness greater adoption in 2010, especially from an applications perspective. As tools and platforms mature, more and more applications will get built into the cloud than what has been witnessed in the last one year. The next level of evolution is taking this to the platform and application level. Enterprises will begin to rearchitect their legacy application portfolio to suit this new virtualised environment.

    There will be a spurt in the usage of mobile devices that provided liberty to not necessarily be physically connected to a corporate network to access information. While smart phones form a large chunk of this trend, there are other specialised mobile devices enabled with wireless communications capabilities, in which corporate applications can be accessed. For instance, Mobile point of sale terminals.

    ''We see mobile technologies as an underlying technique for delivering corporate applications for people on move,'' he added.

    Another trend that need to be watched is Social Networking which is currently ubiquitously used for engaging and interacting amongst family and friends.

    ''But we now see the technology and platforms built for essentially personal and social interactions catapulting to the next level to serve the purpose of corporate interactions,'' he said, adding that one will see very interesting applications being built on social networking platforms as a collaborative tool for geographically dispersed teams to work together more closely. Google wave is a good example of this trend.

    Considering that cost savings and energy efficiency are two sides of the same coin, this will drive greater adoption for Green computing among enterprises. Companies are now looking to use data centers that are modular and standardised, allowing optimisation of their power consumption. Touted as Performance Optimised Data centres (POD), they give more flexibility to customers balancing their capital expenditures and operating expenses while quickly and seamlessly meeting their needs for additional capacity.


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