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    Default Sensex enters Silver jubilee year

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    The barometer Sensex, launched by Bombay Stock Exchange-the oldest bourse in the entire Asian continent, today entered its silver jubilee year.

    The 30-scrip Sensex was launched on January 2, 1986 with 1978/79 as the base year. It had closed that day at 549.43 points.

    According to a booklet on the Sensex released by the premier exchange giving reasons for compiling the index on that day, ''The absence of an index number of equity prices to reflect the general trend of the market was felt for a long time by investors and also by newspapers who do not compile their own index numbers. With this end in view, the exchange started compiling and publishing a sensitive index number of share prices from January 2, 1986.'' It was earlier called ''Sensitive Index'', but later some analysts started referring to it as ''Sensex'', which became a very popular name.

    The composition of the index has undergone change many times.

    Only 11 of the original 30 companies continue to be part of the sensex.

    The companies that were part of the sensex on January 2, 1986 were ACC, Ballarpur Industries, Century Spg, Bombay Dyeing, Reliance, Gwalior Rayon (Grasim), Indian Rayon, Great Eastern Shipping, Siemens, Peico Electronics (Philips), Tata Power, Tata Steel, Hindustan Aluminium, Tata Engineering (Tata Mtors), L and T, Kirloskar Cummins, Premier Automobiles, Hindustan Motors, Mahindra and Mahindra, Mukand Iron, Zenith, Gujarat State Fertlisers, Indian Organic, Hindustan Lever,Glaxo, Food Specialities (Nestle), Ceat Tyres, Voltas, Indian Hotels and ITC.


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