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    Default Perishable food processing capacity increases in 2009

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    The capacity of fruits and vegetables processing units has risen to 30.89 lakh in 2009 compared to 26.38 lakh tonnes in 2008, even as the level of processing the perishable food was as low as 2.20 per cent of the total fruits and vegetables produced in the country.

    Food Processing Ministry sources said the low level of processing of perishable food commodities was due to absence of processable varieties of raw materials at the right quantity and quality, seasonable nature of industry, lack of adequate post harvest infrastructure like cold chain transportation, proper storage facilities.

    However, over the last few years there had been a positive growth in processed foods, particularly in the areas of ready to serve beverages, fruit juices, pulps, dehydrated and frozen fruits and vegetables, tomato products, pickle, convenience spice pastes, processed mushrooms and curried vegetables.

    The Ministry was envisaging to triple the size of the processed food sector by increasing the level of processing of perishables from six per cent to 20 per cent value addition from 20-35 per cent and share in global food trade from 1.5 per cent to three per cent by 2015.

    An integrated strategy for promotion of agribusiness vision strategy and action plan for the food processing sector had been approved by the Government, the sources said.


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