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    Default Nucleus Software appoints Niraj Vedwa as COO

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    Nucleus Software, a software products provider for banks and financial institutions, today announced the appointment of Mr Niraj Vedwa as Chief Operating Officer, effective from January 1, 2010.

    Mr Vedwa, 43, will be ''responsible for the strategic and operational leadership of Nucleus' global sales, marketing, deliveries, product development, quality, quality testing, IT in the company,'' a statement said.

    Prior to this appointment, Mr Vedwa served as the President and Head (Global Sales and Marketing) for Nucleus Software.

    He was also responsible for managing some of the geographical strategic business units such as Japan, West Asia, Africa, CIS, Europe and the US.

    Mr Vishnu R Dusad, MD and CEO, Nucleus Software, said, ''Mr Niraj has played an important role in growing the revenues of the company 30 times ensuring that our values are not compromised one bit, since he joined in 1999. With his keen understanding of the customer requirements and the way to fulfill them meaningfully, we are confident that our value proposition to our customers will continue to improve further.'' Mr Vedwa has over 20 years of experience in business development and strategic marketing. In his previous assignments, he has served as the Head of the Sales and Marketing teams for companies like Network Ltd (HCL group co), TNT Express Worldwide and Modicorp.


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