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    Default ING Life offers five new ULIPs

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    ING Life India, part of the ING Group, today announced the launch of five new customer-centric United Linked Insurance Products, which would meet the needs of the customer.

    The new ULIPs -- 'ING New Creating Star', 'ING New Prime Life', 'ING Freedom Plan', 'ING Future Perfect' and 'ING New Golden Life' would maximise the customers' benefits.

    Speaking at a launch function here, Company Chief Operating Officer Ashwin B said '' the customers will find the new portfolio hugely beneficial as the yield will go up due to reduced charges on the products and significant loyalty additions.'' Besides providing better returns, the customers could enjoy the benefit of loyalty additions to their funds of upto 275 per cent of their initial allocation charges and the products offer the flexibility to customers to surrender, if they require funds in an emergency.

    The new ULIP products meet the customers' various needs such as saving and investment needs, children's education and saving for retirement, Mr Ashwin said.

    The company had also launched new funds -- 'ING Prime Equity', where 100 per cent of the funds would be invested in equity instruments and 'ING Preserver', where 100 per cent of the funds would be invested in debt instruements -- both at an NFO of Rs ten.


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