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    Default Imtiaz Ali remembers Shammi Kapoor

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    "How are you feeling sir?", I asked Shammiji on one of the days of the shoot.

    "How am I?", he asked himself. "I have been on dialysis for the last ten years. I am on the wheel-chair, I have lost two more toes in an operation a few days back, my tail bone had fractured so I can not sit for long because I am in pain…. But I am fine. I am fine", he said with a vengeance. Then he showed me the thumbs up and smiled. "I am fine".

    Such a soul as Shammi Kapoor can't be lamented. We can only lament for ourselves that he has decided to walk away. Today I feel the blessing, the shatteringly good fortune that all of us have had to have met him, to have seen his smile, to have touched his feet and hugged him, to have felt the warmth of his presence - that permeated each corner of the set. Everyone was on top form when he was there, running around, trying to be close to him, a little nervous, a little smiling. We all knew that the Rockstar is on set today, and all of us - including Ranbir - were just his attendants.

    Thanks for the blessing Shammi ji. Haan, hum tumhein yoon bhula na paayenge… Jab kabhi bhi sunenge geet tere, sang sang hum bhi gungunaenge…

    And once again, to you from all of us - Yaaahhhhooooo.

    Imtiaz Ali



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