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    Default Coffee Board urges Centre to speed up Coffee Package

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    Urging the Centre to bring solace to affected coffee growers in south India, who have been affected due to unseasonal rainfall last month, Coffee Board today sought write off interest on bank loans and staggered payment of loans.

    The meeting of the Coffee Board which was held here resolved to seek urgent action from the Union Government to provide immediate relief to the growers as well as allow them to repay their bank debts in instalments.

    The meeting resolved that due to unseasonal rainfall in December last year, a majority of coffee growing region in the south suffered damages to the standing crop, crop harvested and under process in drying yards and also it affected the quality of remaining crops to be harvested.

    Further, untimely blossoming would also impact next year's crop and cause early ripening of the current crop in the midst of serious labour problem being faced by the growers.

    The meeting said though the damage was not uniform across the regions in terms of quality of crop loss, loss on account of all other damages like quality of pre-matured blossom and the impact of pest and diseases presented a distressing scenario.

    Karnataka Coffee Growers Federation(KCGF) General Secretary H T Mohan Kumar said the situation had come about all of a sudden this year when coffee growers were eagerly looking forwards to harvest a somewhat better crop over the last few years.

    ''The coffee industry has been seeking for long a bail out package which is under consideration of the Union Government to come out of the crisis and the 'debt burden'. The latest rains has aggravated the condition of the grower,'' he said.

    The bank loans have already become NPAs in several cases further chocking credit lines and affected even the loans towards working capital.

    The Board keeping all these developments and situation in mind, recommended to the government to speed up Coffee Debt Relief Package which has been under active consideration, he added.


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