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    As a matter of fact cinema, one of the most democratic mediums, which provides a visual medium to express and display content of dissent, has off-late become a target of vandalism. With heavy investments made by the cinema hall owners to provide world class experience to the patrons, it indeed is a difficult proposition for them to brazen out against local dissent for display of a particular film, and the authorities continue to be a mute spectator as well.

    Those who oppose a cinematic product as they feel that it might hurt their image, if they have attempted wrong doing, should be confident enough to allow the public to arrive at a conclusion, rather than disallow it by imposing undeclared curfew against its display. Cinema is a medium that strives to portray reality by camouflaging it with a finesse of fiction. We being one of the most vibrant democracies in the world, should be mature enough to let the public decide what they want to view or not, rather impose cultural policing from above. Would the authorities listen?



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