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    Indeed, for Shankar, Ehsan and Loy it has been a big challenge to reconstruct themselves, through AARAKSHAN, as they rely on the western acoustic instruments to give their music, but with AARAKSHAN they have returned back to Indian classical music with a bang, and have revealed to the public this hitherto unexplored side in their repertoire. Incidentally, 'Saans Albeli' has also been co-composed by Prasoon Joshi and Shreya Ghoshal getting an opportunity to share a space with Pandit Channu Lal Mishra, an opportunity that singers could aspire for, has done an accomplished job as a female singer along with Panditji.

    'Saans Albeli' has the same potential to attain the iconic status of a classical song in Hindi films, as it had happened when Ustad Sultan Khan had sung 'Piya Basanti Re' more than a decade ago. The only stumbling block would be that henceforth when Panditji would perform in a concert, there would be a demand from the audience to sing the songs from AARAKSHAN, which a classic aficionado may not like. It has been seen by this writer in case of Sultan Khan. It is a pointer, also to the fact that may be the classical singers and music directors ought to associate themselves with the mainstream cinema as well, so that the horizon of the classic music also expands, and the audience also is able to understand finer nuances of classical music. Shankar Ehsan and Loy have done a monumental contribution with AARAKSHAN and it is hoped that they would follow it up with more such offerings.



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