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    "After working day in and night out for RA.ONE, I have come to realise what had happened after the success of DUS. It is as simple as that - I had got carried away by appreciating form more than content," admits Anubhav, "All my concentration was on getting the technique right and in the process of doing that, I wasn't concentrating as much on my story telling."

    For someone who had incidentally made his debut with a sensitive and an unassuming small time film TUM BIN, this was nothing less than a wakeup call.

    "I kicked myself and started remembering the times when I had started off with a film like TUM BIN which was about relationships rather than style. I started missing the love that I had got for my story and not the way I placed my camera. I said to myself that 'Hello, what are you up to? Where have your basics disappeared?' Today if I am positive about RA.ONE that is because I know about the areas where I had failed earlier and how I have improved upon them," says Anubhav.



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