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    Default Bollywood beauties of yore desperately yearning to make a comeback

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    It is very typical in Hindi cinema that a film actress who has taken a bow to settle her life and desires to come back finds it really a difficult proposition to attain the same standards of dominance and adulation that she used to command before choosing to get betrothed. Even the media bytes which they were accustomed to, tapers off. The irony is more so, when one compares the situation with their contemporaries in Hollywood where the beauties in their forties be it Sharon Stone, Julia Roberts, or Demi Moore or Nicole Kidman, they still command the same respect and their demand is such that they dictate their market price.

    The problem in Indian context has become more so acute, as the female film stars of the past, i.e. who ruled just a decade ago are not reconciled to give their career a go by, as was the trend in Hindi cinema, but want to have meatier roles of the same magnitude that they used to have earlier. Madhuri Dixit may have been featured on the latest issue of Vogue magazine, but her second innings refuses to take off, though in AAJA NACH LE she proved that the magic in her footsteps has not lost its effervescence. Raveena Tandon tried to create the aura of Tu cheez badi hai Mast, from MOHRA by doing a number Chandigarh babe in BUDDAH... HOGA TERRA BAAP, but she could not create magic of the same intensity.

    Karishma Kapoor, who left at her career at the prime, has now been struggling for a decade to regain the foothold in the industry which used to eat out of her hands, before she decided to settle down in her life, and would reappear on the silver screen in Vikram Bhatt's DANGEROUS ISHQ. Underlining part is that in the second avatar which the female stars of the past are trying to recreate, the directors and producers with whom they used to work are not inclined to provide them opportunity of the same kind and they have to work with new directors and producers, which is not so at all in case of Hollywood.

    The list of such stars who still have the yearn but find the roadblocks include Madhoo of ROZA fame, Bhagyashree of MAINE PYAAR KIYA fame, as also Juhi Chawla. One would like to say that Juhi Chawla has gradually sliced into a transition phase and doing roles which are in conformity with her age, though she may not be given the same footage, recent example being Onir's I AM.

    Is it got something to do with the fact that the hiatus of these stars from the tinsel town was of a longer duration during which somebody else took their place. It seems to be like that as most of these stars chose to first nurture and nourish their children and then attempted the comeback. Only exception in this category is Kajol, who continues to maintain same position. But in her case as well, difference lies in the fact that she never went out of sight for such a long time that she could not come back, and therefore she continues to get the roles which have meat and strength.

    Moot point is that once a female actor decides to accept matrimony and bring a family, but wants to return back to the tinsel town, has to bear it in mind that the absence from the spotlights cannot be for more than a year or so. This is what also happens in case of the Hollywood female actors. Once the turnaround time is small, the memory of past image is still fresh in the mind of public and it is also ready to give the actor another chance, as she has chosen to revive her affair through screen with her fans, rather than giving it a go bye for the family. It indeed is an existentialist dilemma, but that is why it is said that world of cinema is indeed a harsh world.



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