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    Default Airplane Manufacturer Airbus Reports All-Time Record Plane Sales

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    According to reports, airplane manufacturer Airbus has sold more planes in 2009 than in its entire history, despite the economic crisis. This was reported on Monday by business newspaper, the La Tribune.

    As per company information, Airbus had delivered 498 airplanes in 2009 as compared to its 2008 record when it had lagged behind with15 airplanes less in that year.

    It was also reported that, the company reportedly fell short of its goal for the A380, the world's largest passenger plane, delivering only 10 of the 13 promised.

    The company plans to hit similar sales levels in 2010, but plans no formal sales announcements until Jan 12.

    If the figures are confirmed, it means Airbus would have beaten its US rival Boeing in both orders and deliveries for 2009.



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