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    Default Aamir Khan Gets More Than 70,000 Followers In Twitter Within 2 Days

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    *Bollywood perfectionist, Aamir Khan has joined the Twitter bandwagon on 1st July and the actor has Aamir Khan more than 70000 followers within just two days. But Aamir is following only one account, that of of Amitabh Bachchan, who persuaded him to join the micro blogging site.

    So far, Aamir has posted about 12 tweets. Initially, the actor used his Samsung mobile to update his Twitter account. Now, following Big B, he has opted to tweet with Androids. The FIFA matches and movies are the topics of most of his tweets.

    In the beginning, confusion arose regarding the real account of the actor. His impersonator with the ID aamir_khan Aamir, attracted many followers including Priyanka Chopra and Amitabh Bachchan. They even welcomed him to Twitter calling him Aamir. The impersonator drew 6000 followers with the fake account. Aamir Khan’s nephew Imran Khan later cleared the air. He tweeted, “aamir_khan = real”. Priyanka, who also followed the fake ID, asked everyone to listen to Imran’s suggestions.

    In his tweets, Aamir Khan wrote that his favorite team in FIFA is Argentina and he wants the team to win the World Cup this year.

    Big B tweeted Aamir saying, “Good Morning! I told, you will create madness, you have over 70000 followers only in two days, that’s huge.”

    Aamir Khan started tweeting with a test tweet posting, “Testing. Aamir.” Then he tweeted to Big B, writing a small poem.

    The actor is definitely going to have lakhs of followers in the next few days, keep tweeting!



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