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    94-year-old Ramage Raghav proudly claims to be the oldest father in the world after his wife, 54-year-old Shakuntala Devi gave birth to their first child. Both parents are equally happy and excited, and believe that a child - a gift from God. In spite of their years, they are already planning a second child and by next year.

    Ramage piously believe that his health enough for at least another dozen years. "I will die only when the black snake will bite me, that in itself is very unlikely. Visit me in ten years and I'm sure vynaydete me in the same excellent form," - he says.

    His daily diet of 3 liters of milk, half kilo of almonds and half kilograms of ghee. Judging by the entries in the documents to him in 1994, however, the Ramage claims that he has more than 100 years.

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