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    Default World’s Farthest Pizza Delivery as Farthest Food Delivery Record

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    World’s Farthest Pizza Delivery as Farthest Food Delivery Record

    Domino’s Pizza in Feltham, London has broke the world’s record for the farthest food delivery.

    Prepared with fresh dough and cooked in a Domino’s Pizza in Feltham, London, on 17 November 2004, then traveled as far as 10,532 miles to the point of delivery at the Ramsey Street 30, Melbourne Australia on behalf of Ryan Moloney, on November 19, 2004. The previous record was held by Butler’s Pizza to deliver a pizza from Cape Town, South Africa to Sydney, Australia – a distance of 6861 miles.

    The challenge was conducted in conjunction with charitable organizations Domino’s English, Make-A-Wish Foundation UK, with a fundraising event around £ 30,000.

    Lucy Clough, Domino’s franchise owners who delivering the pizza said: “The good news is that the challenge was successful and we’ve made it into Guinness World Records book. Domino’s dedicated not just to deliver a delicious pizza but also using this challenge to raise money for the Make-A -Wish. This extraordinary charity and we are delighted to support them.”

    Lucy Clough from Domino's Pizza with Ryan Moloney




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