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    Default Top 9 Most Expensive Furniture in the World

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    Top 9 Most Expensive Furniture in the World

    Here’s the list of most expensive furniture in the world. Furniture is one of the basic need of our life. We need furniture in our house in order life comfort inside it. But it doesn’t need to be so expensive like these furniture. Let’s take a look at the most expensive furniture in the world.

    9. Vividus Mattress: Most Expensive Mattress: $59,750

    This world’s most expensive bed is made of cashmere, hemp, silk and lambswool mane.

    Vividus Mattress

    8. Archeo Copper Bathtub: Most Expensive Bath Tub: $67,557

    This tub was made by hand from solid copper. The tub is large enough to comfortably accommodate almost anyone.

    Archeo Copper Bathtub

    7. Parnian Furniture desk: Most Expensive Desk: $200,000

    Made by Parnian Furniture Design & Manufacturing in Scottsdale, AZ, this luxury desk made from six types of exotic wood, including ebony and Carpathian elm.

    Parnian Furniture desk

    6. Solid gold stool: Most Expensive Stool: $1.3 million

    This stool was made of pure gold and is priced at $ 1.3 million. Sold by a jewelry store in China’s Jiangsu province.

    Solid gold stool

    5. Pininfarina’s Aresline Xten: Most Expensive Office Chair: $1.5 million

    Created by Pininfarina, an Italian car design firm that famous for designing luxury cars like Ferraris and Cadillacs. Aresline Xten can be called most comfortable chair ever made. Dynamic Synchronized Tilting system allows users to tilt back and independent seat cushions while the Technogel in the cushions makes them conform to the shape of the user. This chair is made of durable fabric called Dynatec, which is also used by Olympic athletes.

    Pininfarina's Aresline Xten

    4. Ruijssenaars magnetic floating bed: Most Expensive Bed: $1.6 million

    This amazing bed allows the persons owned to have a flying sleep around 40 cm from the floor. It can hold up to 900 kg load.

    Ruijssenaars magnetic floating bed

    3. Tufft Rococo table: Most Expensive Table: $4.6 million

    This Tufft Rococo style table was sold at a Christie’s auction house in Philadelphia for amazing price of $4.6 million. The table was made of oak and glass and designed by Carlo Mollino in around 1949. It was estimated for $3.8 million but It was sold higher in the auction.

    Tufft Rococo table

    2. “Dragons” Chair: Most Expensive Chair: $27.8 million

    This chair is one of the masterpiece of Eileen Gray, an Irish designer. Eileen Gray created the chair around 1917 and 1919. It’s called the “Dragons” chair. It was expected to be sold ar the price of €2-3 millions but surprisingly It’s sold for €21.9 million ($27.8 million) and become the most expensive chair in the world.

    "Dragons" Chair

    1. Badminton Cabinet: Most Expensive Cabinet: $36.7 million

    This expensive cabinet was owned firstly by Henry Somerset, the third duke of Beaufort. He was only 19 in 1726 while He was passing through Florence on his tour of Europe. He stayed a week in Florence and ordered the cabinet in the Medici workshop. The amazing fact is that the cabinet needed around six years and 30 craft people. Documents of Christie auction record that the duke paid 500 pounds, plus 94 pounds in duty for this cabinet. The Badminton Cabinet was sold in an auction in London for $36.7 million and become the most expensive piece of furniture ever sold.

    Badminton Cabinet


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