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    Default Top 9 Most Expensive Foods in The World

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    Top 9 Most Expensive Foods in The World

    Here’s a list of most expensive foods in the world. These foods become that expensive because of their scarcity and also exclusivity. We have to be rich just to enjoy eating these foods everyday. But If You just want to consume these foods once a year, then you don’t have to be that rich. So let’s take a look at the list of most expensive foods in the world:

    9. Jamón Ibérico de Bellota

    Price per Kg: $ 185 – $ 395

    Jamón ibérico de bellota (Iberian acorn ham in English) is the world’s most expensive pork products. The highest value of Spanish jamón ibérico meat. Jamón ibérico de bellota comes from the Black Iberian Pig breed that raised in the forests along the Spanish-Portuguese border and eat only seeds.

    Jamón Ibérico de Bellota

    8. Matsutake Mushrooms

    Price per kg: $200- $2,000

    The Matsutake mushroom (Tricholoma matsutake) has been highly valued in Japan for centuries. This mushroom also known as mattake, large mushroom that mainly found in certain types of pine trees in areas of Japan, Korea and China (although they are also grown around the world and exported to Japan to meet high demand). People said that the high value of the mushroom is not because of its taste, but more because of the appreciation of tradition. The taste of the mushroom itself is a little bland.

    Matsutake mushroom

    7. Kopi Luwak Coffee (Indonesian Coffee)

    Price per kg: $ 265 – $ 1,325

    Here’s a bizarre one. Kopi Luwak, also known as civet coffee, is the world’s most expensive coffee. Produced mainly in Indonesia. What make it special is this coffe are harvested from luwak(Asian Palm Civet) droppings that ate the Gold Blend coffee berries. The animal stomach acid make an enzymatic process that imbues the bean with complex and unique flavors.

    Kopi Luwak Coffee

    6. Kobe Beef

    Price per Kg: $ 550 – $ 770

    Criteria for 100% original Kobe beef is very strict: the meat must come from the black Tajimi-Ushi cow breed from Wagyu cattle. Born, raised and slaughtered in Hyogo Prefecture region of Japan (located in the city of Kobe). According to the tradition, cows are fed a special diet and brushed and massaged regularly.

    In Japan a meal consisting of this legendary meat, prized for its rich flavour, tenderness and heavy marbling of fat. It will charge you back around $130.

    Kobe Beef

    5. Saffron

    Price per kg: $1,100-$11,000

    Saffron is undisputedly the most valuable spice in the world. Derived from the saffron crocus (Crocivus sativus) that believed originated from Greece. saffron has been cultivated for over 3000 years for culinary and medicinal use and have mentioned in many classical writings including the Bible and Shakespeare.

    In terms of price, there have been periods when Saffron was worth more than gold. This high price come from the demanded rate, growth conditions and labor-intensive harvesting process. The large amount of flowers needed to produce the spice, 150,000 per kilogram.


    4. Bird’s Nest Soup

    Price per kg: $2,000-£10,000

    This food is known as the ‘Caviar of the East’. This expensive nests are actually made of hardened strands of the birds’ unique glue-like saliva – that’s right, spit soup. As you can guess, harvesting the nests of these cave-dwelling creatures is a tricky job, albeit one that has been refined over around 400 years.

    The birds nests come on variety of colours and though all are prized for their culinary, nutritional, medicinal and even aphrodisiacal properties the rarer, and more expensive, ‘blood-red’ nests are prized most of all.

    Bird Nest

    3. White Truffles

    Price per Kg: $ 3.000 – $ 9,350

    From all the types of truffle, the white truffle is in the highest esteem due to its intense flavour, rich aroma and scarcity. The highest price ever paid for a truffle was in December 2007 when a 1.5kg (3.3lb) white truffle sold for $330,000 (£165,000). It was, however, sold at a charity auction, not reflected market price.

    The only sources of these precious mushroom are to be found underground on the roots of certain tree species in particular regions of Italy and Croatia. Since they are notoriously difficult to find truffle-hunters are traditionally aided in their task by pigs, as the truffle’s aroma resembles that of a porcine sex hormone (although dogs are also used).

    white truffles

    2. Almas Caviar

    Price per Kg: $18,500-$34,200

    The word ‘Almas’ means diamond, a fitting name for the world’s most expensive caviar. This Beluga caviar is white in appearance. The most expensive caviar comes from the Beluga Sturgeon, native to the Caspian Sea. Generally, the lighter the color of Beluga caviar the older the fish is. The word caviar comes from the Persian word “Khag-avar,” meaning “the roe-generator.” In Medieval Russia, caviar was a peasant food, but by the time Shakespeare wrote the famous, “twas caviary to the general,” caviar had gained its association with connoisseurship and luxury. An important fact about caviar is that the older the fish, the more elegant and exquisite is the flavor. Almas caviar comes from Iran making it extremely rare and extremely expensive.

    Almas Caviar

    1. Gold

    Price per kg: $33,000-$110,000

    Known in the food industry as additive E175, to the rest of us it’s just plain old gold – officially the world’s most expensive foodstuff. Prized for its, erm, flavourless taste and, erm, golden colour it is used primarily in the form of small quantities of 23K gold leaf or flakes as decoration for ludicrously lavish and pricey dishes and food products. Gold is an inert metal that simply passes through the intestinal system. Edible Gold will pass out of the body after about 24 hours unchanged without causing any harm or reaction on the body.


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