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    Default Top 8 Most Beautiful Ice Caves in the World

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    Top 8 Most Beautiful Ice Caves in the World

    First, letís take a look at the definition of Ice Cave. The term ice cave refers to any type of natural cave (most commonly lava tubes or limestone caves) that contains significant amounts of perennial (year-round) ice. At least a portion of the cave must have a temperature below 0 įC (32 įF) all year round, and water must have traveled into the caveís cold zone. Some of these ice cave looks very beautiful and amazing.

    Hereís 8 most beautiful ice caves in the World:

    8. Tignes, France

    Can Ice Caves made by human? Strictly speaking, no, But maybe if there is an empty tunnel and left as It is? In Tignes, in the Rhone Alpes region of France, the tunnel become a beautiful ice cave. Wherever they are found in the world there is no doubt about the beauty of the ice caves.

    Tignes, France

    7. Fish Creek, Canada

    Fish Creek Ice Cave near Calgary in Canada is an example of how the cave configuration allows to bring very cold air from the surface in the winter but not in summer. In the winter cold air settles in a cave and forced every warm air up and out of the cave. In the summer the cold air in place and because the warm air is lighter so it can not enter. This is what is known as the Ďcold trapí.

    Fish Creek Canada

    6. Kunguruska, Russia

    Kungar, One of the oldest cities in the Urals, is home to an ice cave Kunguruska. There are more than two dozen caves, including cave Diamond Pole. Itís believed that constituent ice cave formation composed of solid walls and the Ďorgan pipesí (hollow ice like a pipe). The cave has ever protect soldiers during the invasion of the Siberian winter.

    Kunguruska, Russia

    Kunguruska Russia other view

    5. Scarisoara, Romania

    In the middle of the Carpathian Mountains, a beautiful ice cave was discovered in the eighteenth century. The cave is believed that already exist for about three and a half thousand years. The height is about two hundred meters above sea level with a depth of more than a hundred meters and seven hundred meters long. Despite its freezing temperature, bats and small insects live in the cave.

    Scarisoara, Romania

    4. The Crystal Ice Cave, California USA

    Ice Cave in California? Itís unbelievable but the Lava Beds National Monument is really a magic cave. Although there are lot of ice formations at Lava Bedís but the one in Ice Crystal Cave is the most spectacular and the most strange. Smooth Formation, and because of that only a small number of visitors permitted to see that each year.

    The Crystal Ice Cave California USA

    The Crystal Ice Cave California USA another view

    3. Serendipity Canada

    Sometime, ice cave looks very similar to the glacier cave. Serendipity cave is one of the example. This amazing photographs taken by Ian McKenzie of the Alberta Speleological Society at Serendipity. Serendipity is a limestone cave ice is located in the Canadian Rockies.

    Serendipity, Canada

    2. Demanovska, Slovakia

    The Demanovska cave is located in the Valley of Tatra in Slovakia and has been known in Europe since the Middle Ages. The fact is that Slovakia is filled with lot of caves and this ice caves is one of 44 caves in the East European countries.

    Demanovska, Slovakia

    Demanovska, Slovakia another view

    Demanovska, Slovakia another view

    1. Eisriesenwelt, Austria

    Size, of course not everything, but this is the largest ice caves on the planet. The cave located forty kilometers south of Salzburg, Austria on Mount Hochkogel. The legth of the cave is more than forty kilometers. However, more than two hundred thousand visitors who came to the cave each year is only allowed to the first kilometer.

    The cave was discovered in 1879. Local residents knew the existence but never really explored it. There is a simple reasons for this. Despite the ice, they believe it to be the entrance to hell.

    Eisriesenwelt Austria

    Eisriesenwelt Austria another view

    Eisriesenwelt Austria another view




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