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    Default Top 4 Most Expensive Harley Davidsons In The World

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    Top 4 Most Expensive Harley Davidsons In The World

    Harley Davidson is very popular motorcycle in the world. Everyone, especially that has thick pocket, love to ride it on the road. Harley Davidson has been producing motorcycle for more than a hundred years. The usual Harley Davidson usually cost $7000 -$22,000. But Itís more that that because people who own it has to own other accessories like motorcycle helmets and motorcycle jackets that is not cheap as well. But the most expensive Harley Davidson is usually sold in an auction. Hereís 4 of the most expensive Harley Davidson ever sold

    4. David Beckhamís Harley Davidson: $50,000

    David Beckham, British football player, auctioned his Harley Davidson on June 2006. The Motorcycle was bought by Rio Ferdinand for $50,000. The money then goes to David Beckham charity foundation

    David Beckham riding his Harley Davidson
    3. Jay Leno Harley Davidson Auctioned for 9 11 Family Victim: $350,000

    Jay Leno is a Late Night show host and Harley Davidson Enthusiast. He asked all of his talk show guests to sign it. Then he auctioned that motorcycle and donate the amount of money to the 9 11 victim. The motorcycle was sold for $350,000

    Jay Leno for 9 11 Victim Harley Davidson
    2. VRSCDX Night Rod Special bought By Qatari Prince: $800,000

    In 2007, motorcycle convention was held in Doha, Qatar. As part of the sponsor, Harley Davidson auctioned VRSCDX Night Rod special. The Qatari Prince win the auction for $800,000. The money later were used for charity.

    VRSCDX Night Rod Special

    1. Jay Lenoís Harley Davidson Auctioned for Tsunami Victim: $800,100

    Jay Leno was selling again his Harley Davidson with his celebrity guests signed on it. The motorcycle was auctioned and sold for $800,100. The amount of money then donated for the Tsunami Victims.

    Jay Leno with his Harley Davidson



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