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    Default Top 3 Biggest Trucks in The World

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    Top 3 Biggest Trucks in The World

    Hereís the biggest trucks in the world. These trucks are very big so that It canít be drive legally on the street. They were built for the purpose of productivity in the mining. I guess driving those trucks need a special certificate as those are very special in term of operation and maintenance. So hereís the list of biggest trucks in the world

    3. The Terex Titan

    The Terex Titan was manufactured by General Motors of Canada, It still the worldís largest tandem axle truck ever built to this date. The Terex Titan is powered by 16 cylinder locomotive engine, and delivers 3300 horsepower. The cyclinder was combined with a huge generator to deliver power to 4 traction engines located on the real wheels. The generator alone has enough power to supply 250 homes with electricity.


    Height: 6.9 m (22.5 ft) With Box Raised: 17.1 m (56 ft)
    Length: 20.1 m (66 ft) Width: 7.6 m (25 ft)
    Weight: 260 tons Payload: 350 tons
    Max Weight: 610 tons Horse Power: 3300
    The tires are 11.5 ft in diameter, and weigh 4 tons each

    Terex Titan

    2. The Caterpillar 797

    The Caterpillar 797 mining truck was the largest of its kind in the world until 2001. Brought into operation in 2000, it has a payload capacity of 360 tons. The Cat 797 is powered by a 24 cylinder V24 quad-turbo diesel engine that produces an amazing 3,400 horsepower. The truck is 23 feet from the road to the top of truck bed, and almost 50 feet tall when the bed is raised for dumping. The total Length of the truck is 47.5 feet.

    Eight onboard computers monitor oil pressure, transmission torque, engine performance and tire temperature. The Caterpillar 797 sells for $3.4 million; the 13 foot tall Michelin tires were especially designed for the 797, and cost about $30,000 each.
    When a new 797 is delivered, it arrives in pieces aboard 12 semis, including an 850 gallon (or optional 1800 gallon) fuel tank.

    Caterpillar 797

    1. The Liebherr T282

    The T282 hauler from Liebherr Mining Equipment Company is currently the largest such truck in the world. It is able to haul 400 tons with its 3500 horsepower Cummins diesel engine. It is the only truck currently in operation which can load a full four scoops from the worldís largest bucket shovels.

    The price for one of these trucks is $3,000,000, not including tires. All large trucks like the T282 donít just have wing mirrors to see what is behind when they reverse; they also have video cameras, usually two on either side and another on the rear axle, to give the driver a full view of the road around him or her.


    Body Length: 50 ft 3 inches
    Body Height: 25 ft 9 inches
    Wheelbase: 21 ft 7 inches

    Empty Weight: 224 ton (including a 11.5 ton engine!)
    Max Capacity: 400 ton
    Max operating capacity: 653 ton

    Horse Power: 3,650
    Max. Speed: 40mph
    Fuel Capacity: 1,250 gallons

    The Liebherr T282

    I guess You donít want to have one of them. But maybe You like to have the little version of rc monster trucks from rc blog. But if Itís just a matter of riding that I guess You will love to try one of those biggest trucks in the world.


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