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    Default Top 10 Strangest Books in Amazon

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    Top 10 Strangest Books in Amazon

    Amazon is the biggest book store in the world. Amazon provide wide range of books. Some books is so interesting and become best seller, but some books is also not good and thereís no sales on that item. Some books are very strange even for usual people like us. hereís a list of strangest books sale in Amazon, maybe You will laugh at the title of each books:

    1. Whatís Your Poo Telling You?

    What's your Poo Telling You

    2. The Gas We Pass, The Story of Fart

    The Gas We Pass The Story of Farts

    3. How To Be Inappropriate

    How to be Inappropriate

    4. How to Shit in the Woods?

    How to Shit in the Woods

    5. Watch Your F*ucking Language

    Watch Your F*cking Language

    6. Everything Men Know About Women

    Everything Men Know About Women

    7. Make Your Own Sex Toys

    Make your Own Sex Toys

    8. Who Cut the Cheese

    Who Cut the Cheese

    9. How To Good-Bye Depression

    How to Good Bye Depression

    10. How To Live With A Huge *****

    How to Live with a Huge *****




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