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    Default Top 10 iPhone Knockoffs

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    10. Prada

    9. LG Dare

    8. oPhone

    7. The tPhone

    6. The 200 Fashion Mobile Phone

    5. The A88

    4. The HiPhone

    3. The C-002

    2. Meizu M8

    1. CECT P168

    Our number one phone gets the top position for a very simple reason. It’s kind of exactly what you imagine when you imagine “iPhone knockoff;” something with the same design that’s just not quite as good as the original.

    For us, the hilarious part is the speaker grills drilled into each corner. They kept the speaker grill from the original iPhone design, but added another four. It makes this thing look like it’s made out of Lego. Or that it’s a kid’s toy. But this is apparently a fully functional phone. It’s just kind of ridiculous looking.

    Although that pretty much describes all of the phones on this list…

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    I want a iphone 2

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    i think i had p168



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