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    Default Top 10 Most Expensive Speakers in the World

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    Top 10 Most Expensive Speakers in the World

    Here’s a list of most expensive speakers in the world. These speakers become that expensive not because they are made of gold and diamond like other things do. They become that expensive because They are using a solid technology and very advanced way to deliver the very good and clear sound. So let’s take a look at the most expensive speakers in the world:

    10. Ultimate II by Magico : $ 289,000

    The Ultimate II is a 5 way systems that includes four pairs of the most ambitious compression driver. It took four months to make, it was closed in all of 6061T-6 aircraft grade hard-anodized aluminum with 4-inch front panel made of solid aluminum slabs.

    Ultimate II by Magico

    9. Coltrane Supreme by Marten: $ 295,000

    Having won the British Hi-Fi products awards, Marten Olofsson had a project deadline, which is the Coltrane Supreme. Featuring four cabinet systems, Supreme Coltrane built with two speakers and two subwoofers. Each loudspeaker has four 7-inch tiles on the bass unit, a 7-inch ceramic lower midrange unit, 2-inch midrange and 1-inch diamond diamond tweeter. The subwoofer, on the other hand, has a length of four 10-inch ceramic bass units.

    Coltrane Supreme by Marten

    8. Infinite Wisdom by Wisdom Audio: $300,000

    The Infinite Wisdom provide fans with eight 12-inch, under hung, 3-inch voice coil low frequency regenerators for each channel that make up a total of sixteen drivers for each circuit.

    Infinite Wisdom by Wisdom Audio

    7. T-1 by Tidal: $322,000

    The first speaker that featuring 30mm diamond tweeter and black ceramic superior diaphragm.

    T 1 by Tidal

    6. Olympus Sound System “OSS” by Adam Audio: $325,000

    OSS Speaker with eight columns of the twelve built-in amplifiers, with sixty individual drivers and the brain of digital signal processing.

    Olympus Sound System "OSS" by Adam Audio

    5. Sphäron Excalibur by Acapella Audio Arts: $380,700

    Big speaker with 12 square meters horns to transmit the lowest frequency while the twin pillars are made of four 15-inch subwoofers each. Derived from the classic model of Sphäron

    Picture Coming S00n
    Sphäron Excalibur by Acapella Audio Arts

    4. MBX 10.9s46 by California Audio Technology: $560,000

    MBX Speaker 10.9s46 is duo that certainly hard to be missed. Ferrari red exterior looked into the crowd from 12 feet high and weighed about one ton each. The weight comes from MBX 105 alloy material that provides nothing but the best audio accuracy.

    MBX 10.9s46 by California Audio Technology

    3. Infinite Wisdom Grande Loudspeaker by Wisdom Audio: $700,000

    This speaker set is Infinite Wisdom Grande Loudspeakers. Tower system at 23 feet high and weighs nearly two tons.

    Wisdom Grande Loudspeaker by Wisdom Audio

    2. Grand Enigma by Kharma: $1,0000,000

    Kharma, top quality audio products maker from Dutch, won’t be completed without the Grand Enigma. This costly speaker system is 100% unique. All that we do know is that this advanced speaker system was tested by specialists team and installed in a cellar on a building in Belgium. We can imagine how beautiful the audio system produced by this speaker.

    Grand Enigma by Kharma

    1. ULTIMATE by Transmission Audio: $2,000,000

    This speaker is made to order speaker system that made of 4 separate dipole subwoofer, each containing ten 15-inch subwoofer. Each dipole panel per channel with twenty-four 8-inch units, followed by two full-band dipole MF per channel plus one panel of each HF each channel with a grand total of 68 meters true ribbons. 31,000 Watt needed to turn it on. This is “truly” speaker.

    ULTIMATE by Transmission Audio


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