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    Default The Strongest Car in the World from Russia

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    The Strongest Car in the World from Russia

    Here is the creativity of a Russian citizen who was inspired to create a car that mimics the most luxurious style of the Hummer off-road car, as we know the Hummer is a class of its own in the car segmentís most powerful off-road jeep with exorbitant prices, sometimes also used on the battlefield (military version).

    Itís hard to imagine an ordinary car would be saved through a large blaze, also hard to imagine a car could cross a river with a smoothly until the car drowning from the surface of the water. At the time of drowning, many cars had stalled because exhaust take in water and eventually the engine combustion can not function normally.

    Take a look at these photographs, how strength this extraordinary homemade car ability to navigate all terrains. Both in the field of fire, steep slopes and valleys, cross the river and explore all the mud can be passed without any meaningful constraints. Very Cool. If thereís off-road race this cars can win that easily.

    Cross blaze

    Cross slope

    Climbing slope

    Prepare for drowning

    Cross the river

    Drowning in the river with the creator

    Exploring the mud

    Itís a very cool car, isnít It? Maybe You can compare with this Hummer model

    Compare with this real hummer


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