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    Default {...Sikh Marrige..Marrige day...}

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    Then as she ran off to the salon to get ready all the boys had their turbans tied.

    A quick cat nap foreveryone finished getting ready, an enormous colourful
    tent full of majestic benches and fans taller than a person!

    The ladies were all waiting anxiously for the groom to arrive.

    And when he arrived he arrived in style! There was a marching band that brought him in, complete with bagpipes,

    When the groom arrives his face is covered by the Sehra, which are garlands
    made of tinsel, beads, or sometimes even fresh flowers. He also carries a
    long sword,

    Then the band threw up some ribbons and petals

    A nice shot of that sword

    Then the Milni took place. It involves the corresponding male members from each family greeting each other, putting flower garlands over each others necků

    And sometimes they take turns to lift each other way up in the air!

    brother looks so happy in this shot

    And as this all went on groom looked on.

    Then, after the Milni was finished, it was time for the gals to have their fun.
    All the sisters and female cousins strung a long ribbon across the entrance to
    the tent to keep Harsimran from getting in.

    He then had to bargain with them to get in. , but in the end the girls all
    cheered loudly ..they were well compensated

    After everyone had some great breakfast the close family and the army of
    photographers and videographers headed off to the gurdwara for the actual
    marriage ceremony.

    A few details from the ceremony. This is a chaur sahib, which they use to
    fan the book.

    And the book itself: the Guru Granth Sahib. The text is treated as the
    eternal Guru of the Sikhs. It is not an object that is worshipped, but rather it
    guides Sikhs in prayer and worship. The text contains over 5000 shabhads,
    or hymns, that are set to classic music, which is why there is always music
    during Sikh ceremonies.

    Here are the musicians playing.

    One of the important parts of the ceremony is when the bride and groom
    walk around the book. This is similar to when they walk around the sacred
    fire in the Hindu ceremony, but here the bride is lead and helped along by her
    brothers as she makes her way around.

    A neat shot of them walking.

    And the setting was so lovely.

    there is no such thing as a priest in the Sikh religion. Rather, there is what
    is known as a granthi, who is someone who reads from the Guru Granth Sahib
    and takes care of it. Anyone can be a granth, as well as either gender. You
    can see that the Guru Granth Sahib is always covered overhead, and is on a
    raised platform. Everyone sits on the ground, at a lower level than the book,
    to show their respect.

    great thing was that all of the women were wearing different shades of pink.
    It looks so beautiful.

    Two of bride"s fathers friends, who are holy men, attended the ceremony
    and blessed the new couple.

    A neat shot of the whole setting




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    Then after the ceremony was finished, the couple returned to the tent to see all of their guests.

    It was a spectacular entrance. bride wanted a ton of flower petals thrown
    on her, and she certainly got that.

    And, of course, there was a bit of dancing.

    But even though so much of the wedding is full of happiness, these weddings
    also have a ceremony marked by strong emotions. It is called the Doli, and it
    signifies the bride leaving her parents house to join her husband.

    She and groom sat together as they were fed sweets. But now that they
    were married they were finally able to hold hands.

    And then they walked outside. bride threw puffed rice behind her to signify
    prosperity, and the returning of what her parents have given her over all the

    Then she got into the doli, which was carried by her male cousins. Her
    brother stood at the front to carry his sister away.

    It was certainly very emotional, walking down the street as she was followed
    by her whole family.

    groom walked along beside her.

    bride and her father hugged goodbye.

    And her brother led her to the car.

    final goodbye

    chalo shaadi khatam!!! ab ghar chalo apne apne!!




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    tripical Desi marriage
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    tripical Desi marriage

    tripical? lol.. and what's wrong with that??

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    wow this is a great post thanks



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