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    Default Recycled Stuffs Transformed into Geeky Accesories - Really Cool !!

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    Phone opener

    Recycling old telephones into the newest gadget “must have” for your kitchen. An authentic telephone handset recycled into a cool bottle opener that can be decoratively hung in the kitchen, or around a beer cooler.

    Clock made from a Computer Hard Drive

    It looks pretty neat to sit on your work desk, especially for the geeky ones. The clock is made using a 3 1/2 hard drive and it also includes quartz drive movement. The clock needs only one AA battery to run on.

    Recycled Milk Bottle lamp

    The “Milkbottle Lamp” by Droog Design is a stunning piece of art that till now has only been showcased in numerous museum collections including MoMa New York City and San Francisco Museum of Modern Art. Here’s a chance to make your loved ones feel special and green with this stylish MilkBottle Lamp that has been made from 12 recycled milk bottles, which are sandblasted and topped with chrome.

    Computer Jewelry - Sterling Ring with Aquamarine Stone

    Since computers play a major role in our daily lives with documentation, communication and making our lives a little simpler This guy decided to use the keyboard keys to form a different function.

    Recycled Circuit board ring or pill box geekery

    A recycled circuit board has been added to a vintage metal box for a funky repurposed ring or pill box.

    Clock made from a Recycled Bike Wheel

    This clock was made from a recycled aluminum road bike wheel. The wheel mounts directly to the wall through the hub using a hollow wall anchor and gives the illusion that it is floating off the wall

    Circuit Board Key Chain

    This key chain is made from a refurbished vintage circuit board, circa 1980. The unaltered natural design is quite striking and filled with 24K gold. I covered this circuit with an acrylic glaze to protect the surface while in your pocket or purse. The glaze also makes the natural design really pop!

    Floppy Disk Notepad

    Have you ever had way too many unused floppy disks and needed to write something down at the same time? Yeah. All the time. We know. Here is a solution that solves both of those problems at once: a miniature notebook made with floppy disks. Geeky and stylish!

    Laser Etched Recycled Circuit Board Clock

    The Laser Etched Recycled Circuit Board Clock is made from a recycled CD-Rom drive controller board., and it features a clock face with no numbers, instead they have been replaced by a variety of schematic and logic symbols

    Recycled vinyl record address book

    Rescued before they hit the landfill! They are made from real 33rpm records. The front cover and back cover are made from these records (scratches and all) : The labels are protected with a water & wear resistant sealer.

    Electronic Guitar Pick - pale green circuit board

    This is a guitar pick made from a circuit board. Tougher than wood or even plastic, slightly flexible but will never get bent out of shape like metal. It's body is made of durable layers of light weight fiber glass and copper. Hand cut and shaped smooth it also has two sides.. you could use this to play and have a tool with a long durability or even added in a piece of jewelry


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    lol.. cool... and nice share



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