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    Khiv Raj Gurjar ~ Power Yoga

    Yoga master: Khiv Raj Gurjar thinks nothing of executing a few complex poses atop a rocky outcrop at dawn each morning

    Balancing act: The 61-year-old has studied yoga since the age of 13.

    Dawn rising: Khiv prefers to exercise at the start of the day, so as to make sure he avoids the raging desert heat.

    Perfectionist: Khiv says he performs for his own personal satisfaction and is driven by his urge to be the best.

    Impossibility Challenger 2010 in Germany!

    During the Impossibility Challenger on the weekend of 2nd and 3rd October 2010 in Dachau near Munich eleven participants from seven countries set 4 Guinness World Records, 11 world records and 4 personal records on the grounds of the sports club ASV.

    Yoga asanas are relaxing and improve your health. But doing 41 yoga poses and stretching exercises in 5 minutes 19 seconds and 31 poses in 4 minutes 5 seconds balancing on a BMX Bike without touching the ground is a challenge. 58-year-old Khiv Raj Gurjar traveled from Jodhpur in India all the way to Germany to accomplish these feats. Khiv Raj Gurjar, who studied yoga since the age of 13 and meditates regularly, balanced also for 11 minutes 18 seconds on a BMX Bike without contact with the ground. His three world records were part of the 17th edition of the Impossibility Challenger.
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