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    Default Moksha Bybee With Unusual Swimming Partners

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    Moksha Bybee, a very well known name to the animal lovers. This 30 year old trainer is very popular for her unusual swimming partners. Once in news for swimming with tigers ina pool, she is now back in the news, but this time with a seven-year-old urangutan who clings to her as she dives beneath the surface. The jungle-dwelling creatures are not known for their love of the water, but Suryia appears to have permanently swapped tree trunks for swimming trunks.

    And Mrs Bybee says itís virtually impossible to keep Suryia from the pool on a nice day. The two make an unusual sight as they lark about at the Myrtle Beach Safari park in South Carolina. Mrs Bybee said that Suryia spent only three weeks learning how to swim and now canít get enough of his new skill. Staff introduced Suryia to their 67ft pool after they noticed he had an unusual love for splashing around in the bath.

    ...being a human...

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