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    Talking Kabhi Khushi Kabhi Gham..A Short Story Of Aish,Salman,Abhi N Vivek

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    Kabhi Khushi Kabhi Gham............

    Salman: Aakhon ki gustakhiyan...Maaf ho !!!

    Aish: Hum Dil De Chuke Sanam.....

    Salman: Don't we look cool together ???
    Aish: eeeks...what color goggles he's wearing

    Policeman: Chal Bacchu, U have done enuff damage to Public Property !!!
    Salman: Where's Aish, Damn Luck, I guess she's not coming back

    Aish: I am Going with Vivek, Salman!
    Salman: I don't care, you can go with that baby

    Vivek: Don't we Look Cute
    Aish: Dunno what more i have to bear to remove the Salman hangover

    Vivek & Aish: I sealed the Deal, with a Kiss, Aish !!!

    AB Sr: Kajra re Kajra re...tere kaare kaare naina....come in my arms my sweet mayna (bird)
    Aish: tharki.......

    Aish: U have created a Dhoom in my Life
    Hrithik: U liar, what about Vivek

    Aish: Baap Bete, both are after me!
    AB Sr: Now where are you gonna go???
    AB Jr: Lets Fly away with her...Pa

    Aish: I am not going anywhere with you two
    AB Sr & AB Jr: Damn we missed the Flight

    AB Sr: Yes we got her
    AB Jr: Pa !!! Shut Up or she would listen
    ( Aish: I got you both -->thinking = ( )

    Media: There are rumors going that you and Aishwarya are going around ?
    AB Jr: Thats my Private Life, No Comments !!!

    Media: There are rumors going that you and Abhishek are going around ?
    Aish: Who Said so? These kind of rumors are always made about me. I am Still with Vivek

    AB Jr: I want Her
    Vivek: Take her dude, i have been to follow her to Cannes like

    AB Jr & Aish: Kuch na Kaho

    Aish: After so many tries, I got my catch
    AB Jr: Darling....dont laugh like that, you are embarrassing me

    Aish: I am so confused, with whom i am getting married
    AB Jr: Dont Worry baby, you will be with me only forever
    ( AB Sr: I am listening too , you both are unaware about my plans

    Aish: Stop flirting Pa!!! Abhi is watching
    AB Sr: Let him see, I am his father and elder than him
    AB Jr: What Cooking ???

    Aish: I will write n tell u what your Pa was doing
    AB Jr: Ok! i will practice my signature, m gtg popular.nowadays for my flop movies too.
    ( AB Sr: In this age of SMS, these two are still using papers to send message, and they call me old

    AB Jr: Thanks! for letting me know, what my Pa was doing
    Aish: sshhh! Not now.
    ( AB Sr: You meet me @ home Beta....then i will show you what else i can do

    AB Jr: Pa! Why are you always sitting besides Aish & teasing her
    Aish: Did he teased me ???
    ( AB Sr: How does he gets to know, what i am doing with her

    AB Sr: This will be an Unforgettable Tour for me
    AB Jr: Not a Chance Pa! She's staying in my Room
    Aish: We have a Common Door AB Baby

    AB Sr: This person here is my Son, who has married to Ms. World !
    AB Jr: Pa! everybody knows that
    Aish: Where have i married, oh god

    AB Sr: Come beta, this way.
    Jaya: Till date he haven't showed me any way, this sweetly except bedroom
    AB Jr: Let it be Ma! he is young again, after I got married

    AB Sr: Yeah baby, Jiggy with me baby, dance with me
    ( Aish: Tharki ! Dunno when he's gonna leave me n abhi alone )
    AB Jr: Pa! you always do that to me. I also wanna dance with my wife

    AB Jr: Ma! Not now, we'll discuss the matter later, lets enjoy the evening.
    Aish: What Nakhras these Ma & Pa do uff...
    ( AB Sr: I don't want her with me on the carpet, i look old with her

    AB Sr: Now this is what i like

    AB Jr: Ma! Dad is going too far. Is he taking some capsules
    Jaya: Dunno beta, why is he behaving like this, he never behaved with me like this ...but i guess he has forgotten i can kill anybody with my looks -

    If Looks can Kill

    Jaya: I can be like Aish too
    AB Sr: Did you see that, isnt she pretty, she can get happy and.....

    AB Sr: ....... Sad anytime ...I Love You Jaya you are my true Love

    AB Jr: Atlast she's mine for to devour
    AB Sr: You can have her, Beta, I got my Wife back..

    Aish: We all look so Cute Together, what a family
    AB Jr: What a Family we have, and atlast you are mine !!!
    Jaya: First Rekha and than Aish, I have to fight so many battles to reclaim my husband.
    AB Sr: Jaya is happy, Capsules are effective it seems

    N Few months Later...


    AB Jr: Darling, we have been together for so many tours. Which tour did this to you darling
    Aish: Unforgettable, what a tour it was
    AB Jr:


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    damn its too long lol

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    so funni
    so ash wid big B i alwayz knew it

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    Thanks !!!
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