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    Default German giant Gunbus

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    We all remember the sensational unit of Germany's giant size and engine from the tank. Gunbus. Here's another German husky - Gunbus. Motorcycle not so monstrous and enormous, like the previous bike, but, nevertheless, he makes a strong impression. Project author Clemens Leonhardt. He decided to do "only" V-shaped "two" of their own design and the volume of 6.72 liters! Power 350 power at 2800 rpm. Near Gunbus man of medium height looks very modest. Weight Gunbus - 650 kg. The diameter of the exhaust pipe - 70 mm. Outer diameter of the tire Rigdon 42 inches. In addition, the size and shape of tires is quite comparable to the air. The rudder is located at a height of 1,5 meters. By the way, strikes and the price - 250 Euros! Gunbus - the world's largest bike for dear public.



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