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    Default Famous Hair Styles of Bollywood Actresses

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    Famous Hair Styles of Bollywood Actresses

    Though Priyanka Chopra always seems particular about styling her hair, her red hair look in Love Story 2050 was a complete disaster. The actress has recently cut her hair short and we must say she's looking hot.

    Bipasha Basu is another actress who loves to experiment with her hair and she even manages to set a sizzling impact

    Actress Depika Padukone opted for a fringe look in Chandni Chowk to China.

    Aishwarya Rai is not only known for her good looks but her hairstyles have also been trendsetters.

    In the late 80s Madhuri Dixit copied Marilyn Monroe's look and she continued to sport the same hairdo for quite a few years.

    During her heydays Hema Malini too has tried a lot of different hairdos.

    Asha Parekh's bouffant was a craze in her times as was her simple traditional look.

    Sadhana's fringe had teenagers opting for this style in the 70s.



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