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    Default CFC Volkswagen Golf GTI Concept

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    The tuning company at CFC teamed up with MK Soundstyle in Nuess, Germany to put together this custom program for the Volkswagen Golf GTI sport hatch. As far as the exterior goes, the Golf GTI only received a matte silver paint job with a new set of bespoke wheels. The new paint costs 1,500 Euros, while the tuners added a few extra elements to make it more attractive. For the stance on this Volkswagen, CFC installed an upgraded suspension kit that goes for 749 Euros. A new high performance exhaust system from Eisenmann gives it a throaty sound, and the engine tuning came next.

    CFC gave the Volkswagen Golf GTI a power increase with their ECU chip tuning, to boost the number to 265 hp. Pricing for this upgrades was not mentioned, however most of their customizations are reasonably priced, so it shouldn’t be too expensive. MK Soundstyle came into this project to hook it up with what they know best, a sound system. They installed a new headunit with four amps connected to a 15-inch Pioneer subwoofer, Rainbow tweeters, and multiple speakers all around, powered by two more amplifiers.



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