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    Default Apple will release iPhone 4 in China

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    Not that it makes much difference, but Chinese fans of Apple will soon be able to touch the ‘real thing’ soon in their hands. Ever since the Apple iPhone 4 has been launched, replicates of the device have been released and sold at half prices over in China, but Apple will officially release this device over to Chinese fans soon.

    Chinese fans of Apple can expect to soon purchase the Wi-Fi-enabled iPhone 4 soon. The Apple iPhone 4 was one of the most awaited phones for this year. When it was released, Apple garnered even more publicity for its antenna issues. The iPhone 4 apparently had a few problems when it came to making and taking calls.

    The Apple iPhone 16GB will be sold for $743 while the 32GB version will be sold for $892. Both will be sold at these particular prices without contract at Apple Stores in China. China Unicom, a telecom carrier, will also sell the phone with a two-year contract.



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