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    Default The Most Advanced Fighter Military Airplane Nowadays, F-22 Raptor

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    The Most Advanced Fighter Military Airplane Nowadays, F-22 Raptor

    F 22 Raptor is the most advanced fighter plane in the world plane nowadays. F-22 Raptor is 5th generation of fighter military airplane. F-22 have lot of features that makes this airplane as the most advanced military airplane.

    Here’s some features that improved from previous 4th generation of airplane of F-14 Tomcat – F18 Hornets:

    1. Stealth
    This fighter plane will not be detected by enemy’s radar. If your plane can not be seen, then you will be almost impossible shot, dropped, and defeated. The future of this technology mainly generated by the form of aircraft structural engineering and materials that absorb radar waves using RAM, Radar Absorbent Material.

    2. Mini AWACS, “First-look, first-shot, first-kill”
    F-22 aircraft has a radar with a range farther than other planes, even almost equal AWACS. This means that F-22 can see you long before you could see the plane. F-22 also has a system of super-sophisticated radar LPI (Low Probability of Intercept Radar), meaning aircraft that have been detected F-22 radar will not be able to know if he was detected and its warning radar will not light.

    3. Super Maneuverability.
    F-22 Thrust vectoring technology in the tail, meaning the engine energy expenditure can be directed to the more mechanically flexible. This makes higher maneuverability.

    F-22 Raptor

    F-22 weapons hidden in the plane, and only open when going to fire. This makes its Stealth level is higher, and more aerodynamic that makes this aircraft could fly faster and more efficiently.

    F-22 Raptor Weapon

    Here’s the photo of the creation of F-22 Raptor in the factory of Lockheed Martin Corporation, located outside Atlanta in Marietta, Georgia.

    F-22 raptor manufacturing

    Based on research from the Defense Evaluation And Research Agency, F-22 is the most advanced aircraft and the deadliest in the world, even 10 times more deadly than Russia’s best aircraft at the moment, SU-35 (SU-37 is still a experimental).

    Compared to European-art fighter aircraft Eurofighter Typhoon, F-22 two times more dangerous. This means that every single aircraft the F-22 could shoot down aircraft Typhoon 2. Whereas previous generations of American aircraft, F-16, could not possibly defeat the F-22 in any condition.

    F-22 raptor comparison




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