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    Default 9 Foods that Can Make Your Life Longer

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    9 Foods that Can Make Your Life Longer

    Maybe youíve heard a variety of foods that can make you healthy, well what about foods that can make your life longer? If youíre curious, do not hesitate to read this. Based on some healthy aspect, there are 9 foods that can make your life longer if you consume on a regular basis. What foods are they?

    1. Broccoli


    According to experts, broccoli contains more vitamin C than oranges, more calcium than a glass of milk and more natural fiber than the stack of bread wheat and contain enough antioxidants

    Advantages: broccoli is one vegetable that contains many anti-carcinogen that can stimulate the body to fight substances cause cancer. Not only that, broccoli also works to prevent cataracts, heart disease, arthritis, ulcers and various viruses.
    To get maximum benefit,You can eat broccoli in boiled or raw. You also can consume with a salad with low-fat cheese topping.

    2. Chamomile


    Chamomile come from daisy family and is usually used for medical treatment.

    Advantages: Chamomile is usually used to relax the nerves. Commonly used to reduce stress and pressure. The less amount of stress you suffered, the lower your chances are also attacked by various diseases related to stress. In addition Chamomile also helps detoxify the body by throwing useless junk through the kidneys.

    Serving: Chamomile can be consumed as dried food or brewed. Can also be dipped into warm water like tea.

    3. Cranberries


    Come from berries family and contain vitamin c, the chemical eradication of bacteria and contains antioxidants.

    Advantages: Cranberries help protect the occurrence of urinary tract infections, cancer and also protects the entry of harmful bacteria into the organs of the body.

    Serving: This fruit does have the benefit for the body but eating this fruit in raw is acidic. If you like eating fruit, try to mix with corn muffins. But if you want to take maximum advantage of this fruit, try to drink a mixture of cranberries and apple juice so itís not too acidic.

    4. Fish Oil

    fish oil

    Some fish such as salmon, mackerel or anchovies known as producer of omega-3.
    Advantages: Eat these fishes can lower cholesterol in the blood and also protects you from strokes and blood clots in the brain
    Serving: You can consume raw like sushi or also can be roasted.

    5. Lemon


    Lemon is still a close relative of citrus fruit and also contain lots of vitamin C.

    Advantages: besides useful on maintain the beauty of the face, lemon juice is an anti-bacterial properties which are good for fighting infections in the mouth like canker sores and sore throats.

    Serving: Try lemon juice over the salmon when youíre in the mood to eat sushi, can also drink lemon juice mixed with water or add lemon juice on your salad.

    6. Onion

    Red onion

    According to experts, onions are also rich in vitamin C, antioxidants and sulfur.

    Advantages: Itís ironic because the garlic makes your breath less savory but were able to protect you from a variety of respiratory diseases such as asthma and respiratory tract inflammation. Not only that, the onion was also able to raise levels of HDL or good cholesterol in the blood and protects you from the threat of cancer.

    Serving: The best way to consume garlic is to eat a raw in salads or sandwiches. And the best onion to consume is red onion and garlic.


    Wheat has a high calcium content, and also has the best natural fiber for you who want to go on a diet.

    Advantages: If you want to enjoy a long life with a healthy body, try to switch to wheat. Wheat serves to protect your teeth so that It isnít easily vulnerable. It also prevent bone loss, so you do not get osteoporosis. Besides, wheat is also a food low in cholesterol that can reduce blood pressure and fight colon cancer.

    Serving: How to best serve wheat is to cook it over low heat or brewed with hot water.

    8. Tomatoes

    red tomattoes

    This fruit of course is not stranger in your life. With cheap prices and great benefits, do not be surprised if this became a favorite fruit of many people.

    Advantages: Tomato can boost oneís immune system, reduce the spread of germs in the body and reduce the risk of cancer, especially prostate, lung and colon cancer.

    Serving: According to experts, cooked tomatoes contain lycopene levels higher than raw tomatoes. Canned tomatoes even contains 3 times the levels of lycopene than fresh tomatoes and the tomato sauce contains 5 times the levels of lycopene than raw tomatoes.

    9. Green Tea

    green tea

    Green tea is very popular in Japan. It have a lot of vitamins such as A, C and E which also function as antioxidants.

    Advantages: Did you know that green tea is more powerful than a samurai sword because it can prevent the oxidation of cells that will turn into cancer. Also green tea proved efficacious to build a defense for the immune system and thins the blood to fight heart disease.

    Serving: Just as you would regular tea. Try green tea brewed with hot water in your cup. Allow for some time. The longer that green tea soak, the better the result for your body.


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