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    Arrow 2010 Hyndai Genesis Coupe!

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    For too long the American market has lacked an affordable, accessible, fast, responsive, fun, communicative, good-looking rear-wheel-drive sports coupe. The Hyundai Genesis Coupe is that car. Finally.

    Full Disclosure: Hyundai wanted me to drive the new Genesis Coupe so badly they flew me out and put me up in a Casino to make sure I wrote about it. Also, they fed me sliders. I'm more of a vegetables kind of guy.

    Late last summer I drove a Hyundai Sonata and couldn't have been more horrified with the experience. It didn't so much accelerate as whine about being asked to do so, corners were best avoided and the thing was straight nasty inside in the way we've come to expect cars from Korea to be.

    The Genesis Coupe couldn't be any more different.


    Down into second and the rear wheels squeal as they lose traction, the rear end getting loose as I turn into the 180-degree right-hander. Floor the throttle before the apex, lift a bit to slow the rotation, counter steer to the left and the Coupe is drifting across the track, making full use of the width added by the pit exit. Straighten things up, into third gear and then floor the throttle. Straight over a crest as the wheels temporarily lose purchase, then keep that throttle pinned through an off-camber sweeper. This isn't a Sonata.


    glance at the spec sheet and you know this is going to be an impressive car. There's two engines: a 3.8-liter V6 with 306 HP and 266 Lb-Ft of torque or a 2.0 turbo with 210 HP and 223 Lb-Ft. The 3.8 will run 0-to-60 MPH in 5.5 seconds and top out at 149 MPH. The 2.0T takes 6.8 seconds to reach 60 and tops out at 137 MPH. It's lighter than an E46 BMW M3 (3,294 Lbs for the 2.0T, 3,389 for the 3.8; the M3 is 3,415 Lbs), yet its chassis is 24% stiffer. Suspension is MacPherson front, five-link rear. Roll bars are 24mm front, 19mm rear. At 2.7 turns lock-to-lock the rack-and-pinion is quick and accurate.

    So many other cars have taken similar or better numbers and turned them into a lackluster driving experience. Does the Genesis Coupe make the same mistake? No. This Hyundai is more about experience than it is about numbers.

    Pitting it against a similarly equipped (but $2,320 more expensive) Mazda RX-8 (provided by Hyundai) around an autocross course, the Hyundai demonstrated a near total aversion to understeer. In comparison, the RX-8's front washed wide under power around the 1st and 2nd gear 90-degree corners, those same corners had us taking advantage of the Coupe's comparatively prodigious mid-range and considerably greater front-wheel grip to slide the rear around. Back on the racetrack an Infiniti G37S much more expensive, but nevertheless close in spec, it's also a 5-seat RWD coupe with a 300+ HP V6 was noticeably harder to read, displayed considerably more body roll and had a tendency to enter into near-uncontrollable slides when it wasn't understeering. It was also much slower.

    The best thing about the Genesis Coupe is the chassis. Equipped with the Track pack larger Brembo brakes, thicker anti-roll bars, 19" wheels, summer tires, stiffer suspension, a limited-slip differential on the 2.0T (standard on the 3.8) it's a near-ideal budget trackday car that you could also drive everyday on the road. There's no body roll; the brakes are powerful and don't fade; there's plenty of feel through the cheapo steering wheel and there's a wonderful neutrality between under and oversteer. Enter a corner too fast and the front will eventually push - the actual limit being surprisingly high - but crack open or lift off the throttle and the rear will rotate in a completely controllable manner. It's the kind of car that rewards good driving, but would also help relatively novice drivers learn to drive fast in a real sports car safely.


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    i wud still prefer my fer ...

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    cute car.......



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