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    Default 7 Facebook Tricks To Avoid Yourself From Getting Hated

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    1. Beware! Donít sync your Twitter account with Facebook , if you are someone who tweets every 10 minutes will end by flooding the live-stream of your friends and they will end up marking hide your updates .
    2. Do not add people you do not have any kind of relationship, if you ask someone to add it is because you know him or you can have something in common that can make interesting relationship between both of you, and not because he or she has a very good profile picture
    3. When you upload a picture donít tag everyone in the picture.As each comment will give a notification to every one in your contact and this will annoy many of them.Tag only those who are present in the picture.
    4. The relatives of your friends are not friends, Facebook is not a popularity race to see if you have more friends.
    5. Do not invite all of your contacts to attend events, only those who may be interested and those who are geographically possible should be invited.
    6. Each time you use an application on Facebook as a requirement it asks you to send an invitation to your friends do not click on the send button, somewhere must have a button to skip this step (the policy of Facebook require it .)
    7. When uploading pictures make sure they have access only to people who should have access to them, your mother is not interested to see how you vomit on your best friend (and probably your boss either.)
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